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Christ Alone Special Guests Reviews

Dr. Chuck Baldwin - "The name of the film is "Christ Alone." But don't let the title fool you. This is anything but a typical "religious" movie. With the aid of state of the art graphics, a first-rate script, and powerful narration, the film delves deeply into many of the burning issues of the day that affect Christians and non-Christians alike. Anyone who watches--no matter what their faith--will be mesmerized by this film. Every pastor and church should watch "Christ Alone." I highly recommend this film to my Facebook friends."

Dr. Katherine Albrecht - "Jason Charles filmmaker has figured it all out, he has put it all into a new film Christ Alone"

Ty Bollinger - "The film was excellent. I really appreciate having an opportunity to be in it."

Tim Baldwin - "Jason has done a great job of mapping out all the objects we have to look at from the societal, religious, and governmental perspective and he covered a lot of information in a little amount of time. Some Great points were made and he did a great job putting it all together."

Christ Alone Fan Reviews

“Christ Alone” is a fabulous comprehensive summary of the machinations of God’s adversary, the devil. Without the knowledge contained in this production, a person cannot begin to understand national and international events. Without understanding, it is impossible to wage effective battle against the oppressive forces closing in upon us. Armed with the information, we have a basis for uniting against it. In unity, God grants us great power.  When I pass this DVD on to my family, patients, and other loved ones, I tell them it is a cohesive summary of my world view."  - Annie B

"What a wonderful, extraordinary master piece you put together for us! I learned so much that I did not know. I will have to watch it again to just try and absorb it all. It was very easily understood for anyone to watch and I have never seen so much inone film. Thank you so much for putting it together and bringing it to life for us all to enjoy and learn from. I couldn't have thought of a better place to be than there! Can't wait to see what's next!" - Bonnie J

I just wanted to tell you thank you for lending me the movie Christ Alone! Some things I already knew but a vast majority of the information I didn't know. I was blown away by all the ways Satan has corrupted almost everything on this planet. This movie opened my eyes even more to God's natural law and how to be more aware of truth vs. deception.  - Troi

I saw the DVD Christ Alone and it was Fantastic! It made me do some investigating deeper into the church and goverment. But mostly looking at myself and my work with Christ! So thanks to you guys, keep up the GOOD work and live like you believe. - Richard R.

This is probably the most significant video I've ever seen. The Lord has been preparing my heart for the truths contained within, and I actually had goosebumps throughout much of the video as I watched the aptly timed synchronistic validation of recent revelatory information I have been considering. If you haven't watched Christ Alone yet, please do so: for your sake, for the world's sake, & for Christ's sake.  -  Kanji D.

"You MUST watch this movie! It's probably the most significant video I've ever seen & has expanded my understanding of some of the main issues facing our world & how they fit in with the Biblical reality of our past, present, & future." - Mary L.

"Have seen it and own it. Jason Paul Charles, you are an outstanding film maker" - Donna C.

"Bravissimo! An entertaining, elucidating compendium of wisdom from the free-est minds of the world today. Masterfully crafted by a young Renaissance Man of f the early 21st century. Thank you and God Bless You Jason." - John E.

"Dear Jason, We first saw "Christ Alone" when it was available on youtube and it was absolutely amazing. We already knew most of what was/is going on because our twins are vaccine injured. God has opened our eyes to so much and your video reinforced everything going on. We have included your dvd's in our FB dvd ministry as well as to the fellow police officers at my husband's workplace. God Bless you as you continue what God has called you to do." - Michelle G.




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